About me

I am an alternative A.I. researcher and a PhD student at VU Amsterdam.

Machine Learning for Large Knowledge Graphs

On the edge of statistical inference and logical inference.

I am a member of the MaestroGraph project. My research is mostly about developing and evaluating new Machine Learning based approaches for the reasoning of information stored in knowledge graphs. I am following Prof. Frank van Harmelen at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Before this, I've studied and interned in the UK, France and the Netherlands. I hold a First Class BSc (Hons) Artificial Intelligence from the University of Manchester and a MSc Logic from the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, the University of Amsterdam.

Skills & Expertice

I just started to redo everything. Bare with me a sec.

To get myself ready for tasks in Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs, I am learning many things at the same time.

Machine Learning
Fuzzy Logic
Knowledge Graphs
Statistical Inference

Work Experience

My previous experiences

June 2017

VU Amsterdam

PhD student

I am honored to join the MaestroGraph project under the supervision of Prof. Frank van Harmelen. I work on Machine Learning for Large Knowledge Graphs.

May 2016
Sep 2016


Summer Intern

I worked with Dr. Nicolas Mansard on Multi-robot Multi-contact path planning. Our results were presented at BNAIC.

Sep, 2015
June 2017


Master in Logic

I was a master student at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam. My personal tutor was Dr. Benno van den Berg. I completed my thesis on Turing Learning and Nash Memory with Dr. Leen Torenvliet, Dr. Frans frans Oliehoek (at TU Delft now) with Dr. Roderich Gross (Sheffield University) as external supervisor.

March, 2015
Sep 2015



I worked with Prof. Giles Dowek at INRIA in spring and summer 2016. I worked on proof transformation, proof checking, and some reasoning tasks. My work led to fruitful results. I upgraded the Holide and built my own proof transforming tool, namely Holala. I also built the ProofCloud search engine. My work was kindly supported by Dr. Ali Assaf (at Google now).

Sep, 2014
Sep 2015

ENS Cachan (now Paris Saclay), ENS Paris, etc.

MPRI (incomplete)

After my bachelor studies, I was offered the INRIA-MPRI scholarship to join the MPRI master. I was mostly based at ENS Cachan. It was unfortunate that I was not able to get adapted due to my poor French skills. I transferred my credits to UvA and continued my master there. My tutor was Dr. David Baelde. Thanks for his help!

Sep, 2012
June 2014

The University of Manchester

Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence

I was a student of Artificial Intelligence. My personal tutuor was Prof. Uli Sattler. My supervisor was Dr. Konstantin Korovin.

Sep, 2011
July 2012

University of Liverpool

Bachelor Studies

I was a student of the Artificial Intelligence bachelor. My personal tutor was Prof. Igor Potapov. I transferred to the University of Manchester after my first year.

Find Me!

My office is located in the W&N building of VU. It's on the third floor, on the T-wing. You will find me at the end of corridor in office T357.

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Please feel free to message me if you would like to have a chat.

shuai.wang AT vu.nl.